Our responsibility is
to protect the green ecological environment

Through a series of environmental protection facilities and preventive measures, we reduce the impact of chemical production on the surrounding environment, strengthen our commitment to caring for the earth, and actively work to reduce the discharge of polluting waste and promote green and low-carbon production.

We have been taking action towards a low-carbon world

Laya takes energy conservation and emission reduction as its goal and uses management and technology as means to comprehensively promote green production. Our production workshop is equipped with a series of Environmental protection facilities, such as protective covers, ventilation devices, exhaust gas purification and treatment systems to ensure that the production environment is spacious, ventilated, safe and hygienic; industrial wastewater and garbage are collected in accordance with national standards and then entrusted to professional organizations. deal with. Through a series of measures, we achieve the treatment of pollutants that meet the standards and make positive contributions to building a low-carbon world with green mountains, green waters and blue skies.

Waste gas and wastewater treatment

Laya has two sets of advanced and complete large-scale waste gas collection and treatment facilities, strictly controls waste gas emissions, and recycles waste gas in a targeted manner. Laya continues to transform and upgrade the sewage treatment system and actively explores harmless treatment technologies. The exhaust gas and wastewater collection rate can reach 95%, effectively controlling the negative impact of various pollutants on the environment and providing a good working environment for employees.

Environmental monitoring

Laya is equipped with a professional environmental monitoring system and cooperates with strict control measures to continuously monitor the entire process of waste gas and wastewater treatment. The treated waste gas and wastewater can meet national emission standards.

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