The Third Session of the First Workers' Congress of the Laya Trade Union Committee was Successfully Convened


On the afternoon of September 26th, the third meeting of the first employee representative conference of the Trade Union Committee of Guangdong Laya New Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was held on the first floor of the comprehensive building. This meeting was chaired by union member Li Jun, and attended by union chairman Qian Jiannong, department heads, and employee representatives.

The conference began, and the host announced the agenda of the staff conference. The agenda for this meeting is as follows: 1. Notification of the number of union members and union funds 2. The progress of labor union work in the past year 3. Announce voting on three issues

Notification of the number of union members and union funds

The host stated that since August 2023, the number of real name registered Guangdong trade unions in the company has reached more than 200, and the attendees were presented with the balance and usage of the company's trade union funds.

The progress of union work in the past year

In the past year, the company's labor union has organized the application for educational subsidy, carried out and participated in enterprise activities, skill competitions, knowledge quizzes, and fun sports games. In response to the government's call, it has assisted in epidemic prevention and rural revitalization activities, provided traditional Chinese medicine therapy services, completed the establishment of "one enterprise, one file", organized employee condolence activities, and won honorary titles such as "Love Enterprise", "Advanced Collective of Wujiang District", "Excellent Employee Home", and "Advanced Employee Home".

Announce voting on three issues

Election and replacement of one female employee committee member

Due to personnel changes and work needs, it has been decided through research that some union positions will be subject to personnel adjustments in accordance with the requirements of the union constitution, and one female employee committee member will be elected.

Establishment of Innovation Studio, Employee Home, and Employee Bookstore

Recently, our company has actively participated in the "Deepening the Reform of Industrial Worker Team Construction" activity in Shaoguan City, leveraging our existing software and hardware advantages. With the construction of "Innovation Studio", "Employee Bookstore", and "Employee Home" as the foundation, we are committed to building demonstration units in Shaoguan and even at the provincial level.
The host presented real-life pictures of "Innovation Studio", "Employee Bookstore", and "Employee Home" to the attendees, and provided detailed explanations on the design schemes and management systems of the three.

Union registered female employee health insurance coverage

The labor union will cooperate with China People's Insurance Corporation to provide free health insurance (one year) to female employees of the company's real name registered labor union. We are currently verifying the relevant information of the insured, and once confirmed to be correct, we will proceed with unified insurance coverage.

In the future, the Laya Union will work hard and continuously integrate union work into the company's production and operation, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, seek benefits for employees, and create benefits for the enterprise.

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